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The work we began last year reached finality, for the moment, on Thursday March 1, 2018.  The State Senate came through for Mississippi children and killed House Bill 957. Thank you so much for your vigilance and support of all of Mississippi’s children. 


During debate, Sen. Hob Bryan made a procedural motion to recommit the bill to committee, essentially a motion to kill the bill since the committee deadline had already passed. The motion prevailed on a vote of 27-21.


Please BE SURE TO THANK the senators who stood up for our children and our public schools by voting to kill HB 957!


This is a great day for Mississippi children! Thank you, thank you, thank you for calling and texting and emailing and posting on social media over and over and over again! And THANK YOU, especially, to the senators who voted to kill the bill.


·        Senator Juan Barnett                                     

·        Senator Barbara Blackmon

·        Senator David Blount

·        Senator Nickey Browning

·        Senator Hob Bryan

·        Senator Albert Butler

·        Senator Videt Carmichael

·        Senator Debbie Dawkins

·        Senator Bob Dearing

·        Senator Dennis DeBar

·        Senator Hillman Frazier

·        Senator Tommy Gollott

·        Senator Briggs Hopson

·        Senator John Horhn

·        Senator Robert Jackson

·        Senator Sampson Jackson

·        Senator Russell Jolly

·        Senator David Jordan

·        Senator Chad McMahan

·        Senator Walter Michel

·        Senator Sollie Norwood

·        Senator Joseph “Mike” Seymour

·        Senator Derrick Simmons

·        Senator Willie Simmons

·        Senator Angela Turner-Ford

·        Senator J. P. Wilemon

·        Senator Tammy Witherspoons



The reason for our coming together last year, is still operative. If there is going to be a rewrite of our state's school funding law, we want “A Seat at the Table”.


Thanks for all you do.

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